Smiling Faces

It takes a special kind of crazy to have so much fun running through the muck that you all did last weekend.  I had a blast just seeing it! I hope you all return for next year’s race. -Mitch  

One more day

One day from the race and it looks like all the optimism might be paying off. I’m seeing a break in the weather folks. Keep up the positive thinking.  Race shirts are in (just in time) and looking good.  Awards are in as well. Going out this evening to mark the course. See you in … More One more day

Course report…

I just completed a loop of the course. Most of it is in great condition! 6.2 miles by my 305 garmin Gps, which I think is pretty close to accurate. There are some slick spots especially at the bottom of knock knock and where alt creekside comes out to the fire road .4 miles from the … More Course report…

Post-race refreshments

There will be post-race beer available in limited quantities for those 21+ who would like some liquid refreshment of the sort after the race.  Please drink responsibility, or make sure you have a designated driver. We will also have fresh fruit, assorted granola bars, and fresh-made donuts! Invite your friends! We’re going to have a … More Post-race refreshments

12 days

In 12 short days the race will be on!  I’m super excited to see all your eager faces at the starting line!  I can’t wait to see that eagerness turn to defeat and regret at the finish line! J/k of course 😉  I want to see the joy that comes with accomplishment!  I hope you … More 12 days

17 days

Hey fellow trail runners! 17 days until the big event!  I love this park, this course, and this race.  If I wasn’t RD’ing, I would be running it!!  I decided to take on this race upon request from a friend, and I felt like it was my chance to give back to the running community … More 17 days