There’s still time

Hey folks- getting closer to race day.  You  can still pre-register. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the shirt you want, but will do my best, we do have a few extras.  You can pre-register until the 16th or pay a few more bucks on race day. Hope to see uou there.

Room in the back seat.

Last day for pre-reg, folks. Shirt sizes not guaranteed, but we have some extra so will make every attempt to accomodate.  Online reg. will close at midnight.  Race day registration is between 6:30 and 7:30 on Saturday. We still have some room in the back seat. Hop in, let’s go for a ride 🙂

Online open til Thursday

Online reg. will remain open until Thursday night at midnight. After that, you could still show up on race day, but it will be just a little more expensive. I refuse to speculate on the weather, except that it can’t possibly be more “fun” than last year. See you Saturday!  

McPot discount

Did you run the Potawatami trail runs? Any one of the races? It was a tough one this year. You deserve a discount. Shoot me an email. I’ll confirm you ran the race and send you a discount code for the Blue Chevy.  How does $5 off sound? You deserve it.

Cool down

Hey trail runners- I know you’re getting amped up for McNaughton, but have you thought about the cool down run yet the next month?  Come check out Blue Chevy.  Now with a Half Marathon option or you can stick with the 10k.  Hope to see you there.