17 days

Hey fellow trail runners!

17 days until the big event!  I love this park, this course, and this race.  If I wasn’t RD’ing, I would be running it!!  I decided to take on this race upon request from a friend, and I felt like it was my chance to give back to the running community that has done so much for me.  So I hope you find this site useful, and sign up for the race!  Please tell your friends!!!

Did I mention the Tanks that are available?  We’ve got high performance Tee shirts but also tank tops that will keep you cool through the summer!  Or if you want to save a few bucks (8), we’ve got a no-shirt option.  That will get you in for under $20 if you sign up before Friday the 5th.

I’m so excited!  I hope you are too.  See you on the trails.


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